FinishCoat Painting Ltd - A proud,
local Halifax business

In 1998 I started a small painting franchise while in University.  I quickly discovered there was a great deal to learn about being self employed, and I had a passion for not only painting, but also the challenges and rewards that came with running my own business.  One thing I learned right away was that people are looking for genuine customer service and a quality finished product.  Over the years my customers kept coming back to experience just that and we have developed into the professional painting company that became Finishcoat Painting Ltd in 2006.  The things that have kept us in business over the years is providing a good work environment for our employees, a sense of purpose in the local community, constant communication, and meticulous attention to doing things the right way. 

I sincerely hope we have the opportunity of working together!

Dave Walsh, Owner

In 1999 when I first met Dave he was running a small painting company, we actually first met because my uncle worked at the paint store Dave bought from.  In 2005 when our first Daughter was born I decided to leave my job as a personal trainer and help Dave grow and manage our business and new family.  Twelve years later (and four daughters later) we are still here offering our clients the same passion and quality on every paint job.  I love the fact we get to take peoples ideas for their spaces and make them a reality whether it be inside of a home, or a large construction project.

I look forward to providing you with the same consistant service we have built our name on!

Beth Walsh, Owner