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Guarantee Policy​​


We guarantee our worksmanship for a period of two years.  Paint that is peeling or cracking due to our worksmanship is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of completion. Only areas that have failed will be repaired according to description of orginal work.  Please notify us of any problems as soon as possible.  If you wish the guarantee work to be done in the coming season notifications must be made by May 30th .  Guarantee work reported after July 30th will be completed the following year.  Due to seasonal conditions guarentee work will most likey be done in July, August and September.  Guarantee work is non-transferrable to subsequent owners of the property.  All products used are carefull chosen and will be of the utmost quality and the best choice for the specific site condition.


Metal and plastic surfaces, mold, mildew, or fungus resulting from environmental conditions.  Surfaces that are walked on.  Work not paid in full.  Areas specifically mentioned at the time of estimate as impossible to guarantee.  Baked on finishes that are to be refinished.  Cracking due to structural shifting.  Varnished surfaces.  Areas worked on by another contractor.  Wallpapering and fences.  Excessively moist areas prone to condensation.  Any areas requiring scraping and painting where the client has requested not to do a primer application.  Bubbles and blistering caused by inner coat adhesion problems,   Hardy board siding.

 From the moment you call or email us you will be in good hands. We will come for a complimentary visit to see your project and of course to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  From there we will submit a quote, bearing in mind both your budget and timeline.  If you decide to hire us (which we hope you will!) you will be assigned a production manager who will be able to answer questions along the way and ensure you get exactly the end result you are looking for.  For your convenience we accept cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard.  Payment is made only after a final inspection and your approval that you are 100% satisfied!




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